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Windows 7 Slow. Constant Hard Drive Activity.

Posted by Shaun McDonnell on May 6, 2009

This one had me stumped for about an hour today. 

I have been running Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit for a couple years now on my Dell Precision with 0 problems.  So, naturally I decided it was time to upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate.

Much to my dismay, after performing a fresh installation of Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Edition I found that it was acting very strange.  Sometimes it would sit for a few seconds when I did simple things like close a window or open the Start Menu.  It was very slow.  Furthermore, the hard drive light was always on and the hard drive was always making sounds.

I knew this had to be a driver issue because the machine had worked flawlessly under the heavy pressures of Vista.  So I started by flashing the BIOS.  That didn’t work.  I tried updating my display drivers and that did nothing.

I decided to see if I needed to update the Intel Chipset driver and it turns out that solved everything.  Microsoft has done a good job of making sure Windows 7 gets all of the correct drivers during installation as all of my other machines have worked flawlessly.

Unfortunately, Intel doesn’t have any Windows 7 x64 specific drivers:


However, using the Vista x64 drivers did the trick and everything works great now.




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