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My wife always said I can’t see 4 feet in front of me…

Posted by Michael Bray on October 20, 2009

At home, I am NOTORIOUS for looking right at things and not seeing them.  This type of conversation has been heard many times thru the years: “Honey, could you pass the sugar?”  “Hmm?  Where is it?”  “Right in front of you, doofus.”

Well this isn’t just at home – it’s here at work too.  And I just found something that (I presume) has been there all the time and I just never saw it.  And I love it.

In SQL Server Management Studio, when you execute a query and display the execution plan, that plan is often (for me anyway) way larger than the screen.  Sure you can right-click and there are various zoom options like ‘Zoom to fit’.  But if you do that, then you are left needing jewelers glasses to see it, and worse, with having to navigate around the plan, which can be a pain.  Or *was* a pain. 

If you look closely (you might have to squint) you’ll see a + below the scroll bar:


If you click that +, you get a Panning window that lets you move anywhere in the query plan you want, pain free.  And no need to zoom!


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